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Deb-a-Lee Scrapbooking Services

Welcome to the wonderful world of Scrapbooking and card-making!  We have satisfaction in seeing our customers create a piece of art work that they're proud of when they thought they didn't have a creative bone in their body!

The journey of a dream come true.

I started Scrapbooking back in 2001 as a hobby and became an instant scrap-addict. Scrapbooking was able to help me through a very difficult period in my life. My dream was to open my very own Scrapbooking business which I believed to be my road to recovery but believe me it was a long road to get there.


Much time was spent attending classes and developing my own skills and creativity which in turn gave me the confidence to pursue part of this goal being able to teaching and working in a Scrapbooking shop which I loved. 


My passion to own my own business was even more stronger and in July 2002 I made a decision to start small working from home and to travel around country Victoria providing Scrapbooking supplies and teaching techniques to people who were missing out on the Scrapbooking experience.


In February 2003, I took the next step and registered the business name Deb-a-Lee Scrapbooking Services was born.  I opened an on-line shop and still travelled around country Victoria and I also went across to Tasmania on a monthly basis teaching Scrapbooking. 


The next move was to try and let people know that I were in the local area so in December 2003 I opened our first craft market stall in Bacchus Marsh, selling our unique range of Scrapbooking and Card making supplies to the very craft orientated locals.  


WOW, it was such a great success that I made the decision to have a weekly scrapbooking and card-making stall at the local shopping centre for 3 days a week which I did for six months.  Customers were asking for classes and crop nights but I realise our home was to small and I would need to start looking for a retail shop.


Well in June 2004 I opened the doors to my 1st retail shop which was located at 222 Main Street in the friendly Victorian town of Bacchus Marsh just 10min drive west of Melton.  The shop was prefect, I couldn't believe that my dream had come true, but here I was I'd done it. 


Unfortunantly some dreams have to take a different direction to keep going so sadly in March 2008 I  had to back the decision that the business had to move back to our home.  This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and believe me it has been tough.


In May 2008, Deb-a-Lee Scrapbooking Services re-located to the rear of 21 Blackwood Drive Melton South, where you will find a fully functional classroom and showroom.  I have been running classes as usual, so please don't hesitate in coming in to visit.




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